Published: Sep 2, 2008
Bridget McCain Picture - John McCain's Bangladesh Adopted Daughter
by Mitch Marconi

Bridget McCain is John McCain and Cindy McCain's adopted daughter. The buzz about her adoption story is quite unusual and interesting.

The way the story went was Cindy McCain was with touring third world countries with Mother Teresa with many other medical personnel. During their visit, they stopped at an orphanage in Bangladesh to see how they can help when they saw two baby girls. The one baby girl had a cleft palate, and the other with a bad heart problem.

Cindy then took both babies back to the United States where she helped get them medical treatment. John McCain and Cindy decided that they would adopt Bridget and had the other child adopted by close friends so that they still could see each other.

Bridget had been subject of scrutiny because many thought in 2000 John McCain had an affair but this was not true. He had to fight off many false reports and has no regrets on adopting Bridget. In fact reports point to that it was mostly Cindy's idea of the adoption and John had opened arms towards the situation and he has said many a time how he loves his adopted daughter and she makes the family full.

Bridget McCain was a miracle to the McCain family and has quite the story of her journey to the US. (c) tPC

Info was gotten from Adoptionjoy.com

For a picture of Bridget with the McCain family - CLICK HERE

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