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Published: Sep 23, 2008
Susan Lucci Is Not The Daughter Of Phyllis Diller - Picture Proof!
by Mitch Marconi

There have has been a long-running Internet rumor that Susan Lucci of the soap opera "All My Children" was in fact the daughter of Phyllis Diller, but in fact her real mother's name is Jeanette Lucci.  Jeanette Lucci is married to Susan Lucci's father Victor. Susan Lucci's spokeswoman has denied any such idea that Phyllis Diller is her mother.

Strangely enough many have been spreading what they call are informative emails and various facts of celebrities such as Susan Lucci's mom is Phyllis Diller. What is strange though is that there are many reports of that they have never even met.

An urban legend of the internet for sure and people love to spread needless gossip about stars. These two stars are not even related. People have used Susan Lucci's name as a joke now on the internet to describe something that is completely false and a lie. Although if you still have doubts, take a look at these two pictures:

Susan Lucci

Phyllis Diller

Susan Lucci's and her mom Jeanette Lucci

There aren't we happy now, now let's focus on other topics such as "Dancing With The Stars" story about Jeffrey Ross being poked in the eye by Edyta Sliwinska. (c) tPC

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