Published: Oct 4, 2008
Gallagher's Toy Techniques
by Staff

Oasis star Noel Gallagher has admitted he used some immature tactics while recording Dig Out Your Soul - the rocker used a children's toy instrument to create the Lp's unique sound.

The band locked themselves away in London's Abbey Road studios, made famous by the Beatles, to work on their seventh album.

And Gallagher has confessed the sitar sound on track To Be Where There's Life, was actually created with a cheap kid's toy.

In the Gold & Silver & Sunshine, the band's documentary to coincide with their latest record release, Gallagher says, "You know it's (sitar) not a real one? It's a toy electric one, a plastic one.

"They're shaped like a sitar, and they've got a speaker on the front. You switch it on and you pick the key, and you leave it there!"

And the rocker says the plastic instrument stood out - because it was so out of place compared to the studio's highly complex recording equipment.

He adds, "It looked hilarious. In this really famous room is this little tiny plastic sitar with this massive mic that's worth about £50,000. And the sitar's worth about £12.50..." (c) WENN

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