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Published: Sep 10, 2008
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John McCain's Political Viagra: Sarah Palin
by Jim Brogan

Political Viagra? Republican presidential candidate John McCain has earned huge support (especially among white women) since he named Sarah Palin as his running mate and now leads Democrat Barack Obama among those voters, according to several polls published this week.

Reuters reports that the Washington Post/ABC News poll found that much of McCain's surge in the polls since the Republican National Convention is attributable to the shift in support among white women.

The race for the White House is now a virtual tie, with Obama at 47 percent support of registered voters and McCain at 46 percent, the poll found.

Before the Democratic National Convention in late August, Obama held an 8 percentage point lead among white women voters, 50 percent to 42 percent, but after the Republican convention in early September, McCain was ahead by 12 points among white women, 53 percent to 41 percent, the poll found.

Sarah Palin took John McCain from seven points down to ten points up.  How did this happen? 

One theory is the "Obiden" theory.  Barack Obama, touting "change," nominated Joe Biden, a political dinosaur, whose performance as "Obiden" morphed from into "a reptile dysfunction."  To counter Obiden's morphing into a reptile dysfunction, McCain chose to invigorate his ticket with political viagra. And he's standing proud.

See the video here.

There is now a Sarah Palin action figure and "fans" of Sarah Palin are falling in love with the glasses she is always wearing - so they're going out and buying them for themselves!

An even bigger indicator can be found in the reaction from Obama surrogates. They hate this women and they are reaching in every direction to discredit her.

Sher Zieve writes: "From the same fun group of folks who brought you the faked and thoroughly discredited story that Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin's Down syndrome son was really her daughter's child we have the new one that Palin (speaking of Obama's victory over Hillary Clinton) said "Sambo beat the bitch."  Suffice it to say, the Left-wing bloggers immediately jumped on the story and it was promptly discredited.

Another completely bogus rumor being spread about Governor Palin is that in 1996 she had a list of books she wanted "banned" by an Alaskan library.  Of course, the claim is patently phony and part of the Obama surrogate campaign to use anything and everything to get Palin to resign."

And lets not even mention the feminazis. The mere fact that a "traditional women" might get close enough to sniff the presidency has these gender-envy freaks drunk with hatred.

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