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Published: Sep 28, 2012
Carjacking suspect suicide [VIDEO] in Arizona
by Ann Warren

ARIZONA - Carjacking suspect suicide [VIDEO]. A carjacking suspect has taken his own life while what appeared to be Fox News helicopters recorded live.

Police were pursuing a carjacking suspect in the far west town of Salome.

The suspect exited the I-10 westbound and was driving on the dirt roads of Salome.

The suspect fired shots at officers while driving near 43rd Avenue and Roosevelt, according to police.

After entering the westbound I-10 from 43rd Avenue, the suspect got off on 83rd Avenue. He did a U-turn, got back on the I-10, got off on Estrella Parkway and got back onto I-10.

Police said the suspect carjacked a red Dodge Caliber at 43rd Avenue and Indian School.

The suspect had led police through West Phoenix for almost an hour. The car had reached speeds of up to 110 mph.

At the end of the pursuit, the suspect drove off the road, got out of his car and ran down a dirt path for a short period. He then appeared to shoot himself in the head and collapsed.

Fox News quickly cut away from the shot and went to commercial after the disturbing incident. Host Shepard Smith yelled "get off it!" and then immediately apologized for airing what looked like a suicide.

"We really messed up," Smith told viewers after the flop. He said the footage was on a 5-second time delay and should not have been aired.

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