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Published: Nov 22, 2012
Officer fired for peepee ticket to 3-year-old [VIDEO]
by Maria Gomez

Officer fired for peepee ticket to 3-year-old [VIDEO],  An officer was fired for giving a ticket to a 3-year-old. On Nov. 21, Ken Qualls gave a toddler a $2,500 ticket after he saw the child preparing to pee outside in the family's front yard.

Piedmont City Manager Jim Crosby said Tuesday that Qualls was fired Friday after a Nov. 14 hearing about the public urination citation he issued Nov. 4 to Ashley Warden after her 3-year-old son, Dillon, dropped his pants and urinated in his family's front yard, The (Oklahoma City) Oklahoman reported Wednesday.

Police Chief Alex Oblein said the charge was amended to contributing to the delinquency of a minor, but the Canadian County district attorney's office declined to pursue a case against Warden.

Oblein said the ticket was not appropriate for the situation.

Crosby said Qualls is planning to appeal the decision before a Piedmont personnel board.

A lawyer for Qualls did not return calls for comment, The Oklahoman said.

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