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Published: Feb 2, 2009
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New Jersey Earthquake? Morris County Homes Shaking Around 10:35 PM
by Jack Ryan

An earthquake in New Jersey has been reported in Morris County. Hitting specifically in the town of Rockaway, Dover, Wharton, Randolph Denville tonight around 10:35 PM. New Jersy gets earthquakes but most of the time they are not felt.

According to our source, the earthquake struck Morris Plains and dover. Preliminary reports indicate it was a 3.0 magnitude quake. It was first thought that it started from an explosion that may have come from Morris County Kenvil Hercules Plant.

According to NJDEP, "New Jersey doesn't get many earthquakes, but it does get some. Fortunately most are small. A few New Jersey earthquakes, as well as a few originating outside the state, have produced enough damage to warrant the concern of planners and emergency managers."

"Although the United States east of the Rocky Mountains has fewer and generally smaller earthquakes than the West, at least two factors increase the earthquake risk in New Jersey and the East. Due to geologic differences, eastern earthquakes effect areas ten times larger than western ones of the same magnitude. Also, the eastern United States is more densely populated, and New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation."

The last earthquake that took place in NJ was on July 28, 2008. It was a magnitude of 2.1 and hit the western northern part around Jersey by Phillipsburg, Pennslyvania.

More info is still to come on the possible Earthquake but typically most in Morris County felt their houses shaking. No injuries reported yet. New Jersey 12 was first to report that it was, indeed, an earthquake and not an explosion.

For most in New Jersey, a 3.0 magnitude earthquake is a big deal as New Jersey does not get many, especially this big. 

Go here for more information on where the earthquake occurred and a photo. (c) tPC


Photo: New Jersey Earthquake in Morris Plains, NJ Strikes Ramapo Fault

New Jersey Earthquake Rattles Roxbury, Morris County Area

Earthquake In New Jersey? Morris County Gets Jolt

Small Earthquake Rattles Northern New Jersey: USGS

New Jersey Earthquake? Morris County Homes Shaking Around 10:35 PM

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