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Published: Jan 18, 2016
Drunken Tool Who Assaulted Uber Driver On VIDEO Suing Driver For $5M
by Ann Warren

A Southern California man charged with assault and battery on an Uber driver [VIDEO] is accusing the driver he was caught on dashcam punching of.. get this.. assault and battery.

Benjamin Golden, the former Taco Bell executive is now suing the driver, Edward Caban, for $5 million. Golden was swiftly vilified after the video of him punching the Caban went viral.
Taco Bell fired Golden shortly after the incident became public, saying in a statement it, "...offered and encouraged him to seek professional help."

In the original incident, Golden was extremely intoxicated, and repeatedly slapped and punched Caban when he was asked to get out of the car. Caban was able to pepper spray Golden, and he was subsequently arrested shortly thereafter.

Anyway, Golden apparently thinks Uber drivers have $5 million just lying around.

Golden says in his lawsuit he was intoxicated and began to "fear for his safety and well-being" when the Caban pulled over to "kick" him out of the car in an unfamiliar location.

As a result of the media coverage, Golden claims he suffered humiliation and the loss of employment. The lawsuit also claims infliction of emotional distress and assault and battery. Golden also claims Caban illegally recorded the incident, and will seek to have the video barred from evidence in the criminal trial against him. He goes on to state in court documents that Caban is resposnible for any injuries suffered during the Oct. 30 ride.

This former executive is obviously the smartest guy in the room. His strategy to redeem his reputation is to deny responsibility and bring a suit against some poor chap that works hard for a dollar amount larger than he'll likely ever realize in a lifetime.

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