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Published: Jan 20, 2016
WATCH! Valet Over-revvs Lamborghini On Joy Ride, It Catches Fire [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
by Ann Warren

When joy riding a Lamborghini goes wrong [PHOTOS/VIDEOS], A Florida valet worker thought he would take a Lamborghini for a harmless spin near Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach. He instead would learn a valuable lesson about joyriding when the customer's Lambo burst into flames in the middle of the road.

The supercar novice didn't expect the $400,000 automobile to catch fire when he over-revved the motor while passing crowds of people.
In one of the videos captured by a passerby, the Ferris Bueller wannabe can be seen freaking out about the flaming car.

At least three videos surfaced on YouTube showing the car on fire in the street. The one linked above and the two below. One of these videos shows the flames being extinguished before a group of men assist the valet push the car up the road.

According to the poster of the first video, the valet lost his job. It is unknown if he is facing any charges from the incident.

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