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Published: Feb 19, 2016
SEE IT! 'Best, Worst Driver In The History Of A Snowstorm'
by Toshiba Reynolds

An upstate New York man shared video of a motorist he describes as "possibly the best, worst driver in the history of a snowstorm."

The folks living in Rochester, New York, are no stranger to snow covered roads. So, to live there, one has to be skilled at driving in bad conditions. The guy in this video clearly is.
Automotive consultant Mark Reussow, who posted the video to Facebook, captured the now viral footage on a highway near Rochester of a car swerving back and forth on the snow-covered road.

The daring driver weaves back and forth during the Tuesday storm on Tuesday in the 27 second clip. He gets dangerously close to a nearby pickup truck but somehow avoids crashing his car.

"I was driving to work," Reussow said. "He was in front of me for about 10, 15 minutes and I thought he was going to bite it. He just got a little crazier and crazier. I posted it on Facebook and everybody started sharing it. It was interesting.

"I basically thought this would be for an insurance claim because I thought he was going to lose it. It was crazy."

Funny thing is the daredevil driver isn't the only one who's driving risky on the highway: Mark appears to hold the camera while recording the incident.

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