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Published: Mar 16, 2016
WATCH: Daring Jail Break By Helicopter Caught On Video
by Ann Warren

See the daring breakout from a jail in Quebec that would be funnier if it didn't actually work. The prison escape by two inmates at Quebec's St. Jerome prison is pretty cool until the revelation that the prisoners are Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau, a convicted murderer, and Dany Provencal, an arsonist. 

The escape occurred on March 17, 2013. The two men tied their feet to a rope, and a helicopter, from the company Heli-Tremblant, would fly away with them hanging on.
The surfaced video, taken by St. Jerome prison guards, shows the 6-minute jailbreak which includes the helicopter landing on the roof of the prison and successfully wisking away both criminals as they hang on to the rope they tied to their feet.

Prison guards started filming the bold escape when the helicopter landed on the roof.

Why didn't they shoot the bird down you ask? Well, St. Jerome prison guards inside the jail are not armed. So without a way to intervene, they did the only thing available. Capturing it all of video for us to enjoy years later instead.

The good news is the men were found several hours later. See the video below.

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