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Published: Mar 23, 2016
WATCH! Hillarious Burglar's Unsuccessful Attempt At Robbing Business Set To MI-Like Theme
by Ann Warren

SEE! LAUGH! at a bumbling burglar made a series of comical errors in Australia while attempting to pilfer a local business before ultimately leaving empty handed.

Police in Queensland shared surveilance footage of the incompetent thief, complete with a Mission Impossible-style soundtrack, as he 'used' a rope to drop into the business from the ceiling.
"It is alleged a male offender has entered the business from the roof and lowered "mission impossible" style by a rope tied to his foot," police wrote in a release. "Upon landing on a desk within the business, the male offender has tripped on the rope causing him to stumble and fall heavily to the floor."

The Video shows the wannabe criminal's shoe falling off as he enters the room, several seconds later he finally puts the shoe back on before continuing to roam the room.

The would-be pilferer then circles about the room momentarily before trying to make haste through the ceiling, forgetting to place any property in his bag. The ineptitude continues with him accidentally pulling down a ceiling panel while trying to hoist himself up before making his escape at last.

Police are asking for anyone who has any information on the attempted robbery to contact local Crime Stoppers.

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