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Published: Mar 31, 2016
SEE IT! Prisoner Scales 25-Foot Fence To Escape New Mexico Jail
by Maria Gomez

CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Security camera footage has been released that features a suspect escaping from a New Mexico jail by scaling a 25-foot razor-wire fence.

The video of Joseph Maestas, 23, making his daring dash from inside the gates of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Bernalillo County recently shows Maestas being the first to exit the Albuquerque Police Department prisoner transport van while positioning his hands behind his back as if they were handcuffed.
The footage from the March 16 incident shows Maestas making a mad break for it when he realizes a guard is not looking at him, and shows his hands were, in fact, not bound by any cuffs.

Maestas benefited from a head start of several-seconds before other detainees alerted the guards to him running off, and footage from a second camera shows him scaling a 25-foot-tall razor wire fence while guards congregate on the inside of the barrier.

Maestas is seen beelining for the Mesa with the guards are stuck on the other side of the fence.

Video filmed a little while later shows a car speeding through the Mesa briefly before being stopped by police.

Maestas would surrender and be returned to custody.

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