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Published: Nov 3, 2014
2 billion in unclaimed lotto each year [VIDEO]
by Toshiba Reynolds

2 billion in unclaimed lotto each year [VIDEO], You may want to check your pockets and clean out your desk because you could be one of thousands that never claim their lotto prizes. Millions of with lotto tickets worth billions in prizes go unclaimed each year.

It is hard for some to believe, but even as some Americans dream of hitting it big in the Lotto, Powerball, and Megamillions jackpots, for some it might have happened and flew by unnoticed.

The creator of a smart phone app that alerts people if they have a winning lottery ticket, Brett Jacobson filed public records requests with lottery commissions around the country to find out just how many prizes go unclaimed.

The total is astonishing: $2.04 billion went unclaimed in 2013 alone.

New York State alone had $65 million in prizes go unclaimed in its most recent fiscal year, while California had another $22 million in unclaimed prizes.

Most of those are usually small prizes around $1 to $5 worth, while others are closer to $50 or even thousands of dollars.

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