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Published: Jul 3, 2014
Gas six year high: Obama policies to blame
by staff

Gas six year high: Obama policies to blame, Drivers will see the highest July Fourth gasoline prices in six years, but it's unlikely to stop them from traveling for a long holiday weekend.

Nearly 35 million U.S. drivers will be taking road trips this weekend - the highest number since 2007 and will have to dish out some extra duckets as they hit the road.

The Energy Information Administration, which reviews statistical data for the Energy Department, said the average retail price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline was $3.70 as of Monday.

AAA said in a Monday report the national average so far for June was 13 cents higher than last year and the highest for the season in six years. It said violence in Iraq is contributing to an increase in global crude oil prices, which in turn makes it more expensive to produce gasoline.

AAA said it had expected gas prices for June to fall within the $3.50 range for a national average. That now appears unlikely, it said.

What we do know is the high prices are due to the Obama administrations incompetent war on fossil fuel. Building the pipelines from Canada would have helped reduce our dependence on a region that is in constant turmoil.

We need to remember that gas stood at under $2 a gallon when he took office, and now it's breaking record highs, and the economy is not rebounding, and people who still have jobs are suffering hardship just driving to work.

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