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Published: Nov 18, 2014
Napoleon hat fetches $2.4 million [PHOTOS\VIDEO]
by Ann Warren

Napoleon hat fetches $2.4 million [PHOTOS\VIDEO], A Korean collector is now the proud owner of French Emperor Napoleon's famous bicorne hat.

The hat sold at auction for the hefty sum of 1.9 million euros (or US$2.4 million).
During Napoleon's 10 year reign (1804-1814) he wore, it's been estimated, in the neighborhood of 120 of the hats made by the famed French hat-makers, Poupard.

But only 19 or 20 of them are known to still be around, with most of those in museums around the world.

Jean-Pierre Osenat of the Osenat auction house in Fontainebleau said the buyer acquired the black "bicorne" felt hat in a sale of Napoleon-era items. About 1,000 other pieces of Napoleon memorabilia from the Prince Monaco collection were sold over three days.

Five years ago, the same auction house sold a sabre that had belonged to Napoleon for 4.8 million euros, Osenat said.

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