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Published: Nov 20, 2014
'Normal Barbie' [PHOTOS\VIDEO] has zits, cellulite and stretch marks
by Maria Gomez

'Normal Barbie' [PHOTOS\VIDEO] has zits, cellulite and stretch marks, The original Barbie has clear skin and her body is considered perfect, but those characteristics are far from reality.

So a Pittsburgh area inventor named Nickolay Lamm created what he calls a beautifully average doll to reflect the regular girl.
 No ginormous boobs or permanently arched feet. This doll comes complete with zits and cellulite.

He believes normal to be cool and average gorgeous. Her name is Lammily.

Lamm created his 11-inch doll using the body proportions of a typical 19-year-old.

"I created 'Normal Barbie' because I wanted to show that average is beautiful," Lamm says about his experiment. His "normal Barbie" became a mockup for a type of doll: Lammily, a fashion doll that promote realistic beauty standards and a healthy lifestyle.

"The foundation of Lammily is built on being true to yourself in a world that pressures you to conform to standards," he explains.

Lamm does not want his message to be misconstrued: "I see 'average' as inclusive of all of us, not a standard which excludes. I want to show that reality is beautiful...and there should be a line of dolls, which reflects this fact."

And because of his vision, there is. Lammily is available for purchase for $25.00 on the Lammily website.  For and additional $6, you can order a page of 38 reusable stickers, made of clear vinyl, which include—in addition to the stretch marks, contusions, and zits—cellulite, freckles, glasses, bandages, moles, stitches, scrapes, scars, and mosquito bites.

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