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Published: Mar 19, 2015
Whopper Perfume [PHOTO\VIDEO]; Smell like meat ladies, courtesy of Burger King
by Toshiba Reynolds

Whopper Perfume [PHOTO\VIDEO]; Smell like meat ladies, courtesy of Burger King, Here ya go ladies. Instead of just looking like a piece of meat, you can now smell like one too.

Burger King Japan is teasing a new perfume called "Flame-Grilled" that will soon be available at Burger King restaurants for just one day, April 1.
Apparently it smells like, you guessed it, the Whopper hamburger.

Though obviously being released on the the international holiday for pranks, Burger King Japan has also registered April 1 as "Whopper Day" with the Japan Anniversary Association, making it an official holiday. The word "whopper" can also mean "lie," so it makes perfect sense.

In a press release issued March 18, the company clearly markets the product as an April Fool's gimmick, but says it's real nonetheless.

On the same day, Burger King Japan is also selling a "Whopper Pass," which is a month of Whopper meal deals. The pass, good between April 1 and April 30, is a seriously good deal for those who do not mind eating Whoppers every. Single. Day

Purchasing the perfume also comes bundled with a free Whopper, because.. of course it does.

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