Published: Nov 4, 2012
Kristen Stewart vampire sex [VIDEO] scenes
by Maria Gomez

Kristen Stewart vampire sex [VIDEO] scenes.  American actress Kristen Stewart revealed that shooting the vampire sex scene with Robert Pattinson was awful.

Kristen told E! News "The director Bill Condon kept saying that he wanted to make this one feel like you're very much inside of the experience. Like you're there, you're sort of a part of it, which is odd. But to do that we had to look directly into the camera instead of at each other."

Stewart admitted that Condon's direction made for some awkward on-set situations.

Still, The 22-year-old starlet says she can't think of any other actor playing Edward Cullen to her Bella Swan.

"I guess at this point, I can't really imagine it," Stewart told E! News yesterday while promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2.

"It's so obvious; it slaps you in the face anytime you meet somebody who you're like, ‘We definitely need to work together!'" she gushed. "We clearly are into this, maybe not for the same reasons, because he's a nut, but I knew instantly. With Taylor [Lautner] too. I take full and complete credit for those boys." Go here to see the video.

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