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Published: Jul 31, 2012
Lindsay Lohan odd sex scene demand
by staff

Lindsay Lohan (PHOTOS) odd sex scene demand, orgy of flesh all around. Lindsay got naked with the entire ten man crew on the set of her new film.

TMZ is reporting that Lil’ LiLo got so nervous before having to shoot a topless sex scene for her new movie, “The Canyons,” that she demanded an orgy of bare flesh all around.

She figured if she was going to have to go topless for the sake of art, the rest of the crew was going to have to do the same for the sake of their jobs.

Flash forward to Lindsay rocking it in front of the camera, and ten dudes standing behind the lens, watching in their boxers.

So why would Lindz, who’s had her own spread (eagle) in Playboy and a notorious short-skirt free-baller for paparrazzi’s sake, clench up under the pressure of side boob? Go here for more. Go here for photos.

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