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Published: Nov 5, 2014
Best and worst tippers [LIST]; Madonna tipped $18 on a $400 bill
by Toshiba Reynolds

Best and worst tippers [LIST]; Madonna tipped $18 on a $400 bill, Celebs gets all kinds of perks when out on the town, but they are still expected to plunk down no less than twenty percent at the end of the night just like the rest of us.

Some do, and some don't. Some don't even tip at all.

Now you would think that since celebs are pretty much rolling in dough, they would be less stingy with their cash when they are dining at the latest hot spot. Especially considering that quite a few of these stars spent time in the service industry before they finally made it big.

That is not always the case, although some celebrities are great at paying it forward.

Madonna tipped $18 on a $400 bill

There's been so many reports of Madonna's miserliness, it's almost like being stiffed by Madge is a rite of passage amongst high-end eatery wait staff. While Madonna was still married to Guy Ritchie, the duo left $18 on a $400 ticket in a West London restaurant -- a 4.5 percent tip.

Best and worst tippers list

Jay-Z leaves $50,000 tip on a bottle of champagne at a Miami nightclub

Tiger Woods excuse for not tipping is that he doesn't carry cash

Usher leaves autograph instead of a tip

Rachael Ray worst tipper tips ten percent

Sean Penn left no tip after $450 cab tab

Bill Murray leaves 120 percent tip on a $60 check

Johnny Depp leaves $3,000 tip on the $4,400 bill

Bill Cosby gave 50 cents to a bellhop for carrying bags

Drew Carey $400 tip on a $250 bill

David Beckham leaves $900 tip on $100 bill

Drew Barrymore doubled up the bill for a 100 percent tip

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