Published: Jul 5, 2012
Celebs From Money LIST (PHOTOS); Brooke Shields father was an executive at Revlon
by Tashi Singh

Celebs who come from money (PHOTOS) Brooke Shields father was an executive at revlon, her grandmother was Princess Donna Marina Torlonia. You already know A-listers have major talent, major hotness, and a major fan following to match.

But what you probably don't know: they're related to Hollywood heavyweights.

Brooke Shields father Francis Alexander was an executive at revlon. He died of Cancer in 2003. Her grandmother was Princess Donna Marina Torlonia

American actress and singer of theatre Glenn Close is a second cousin once-removed of actress Brooke Shields.

Glenn Close and Brooke Shields are distantly related to Princess Diana

Other Celebs Who Come From Money

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(PHOTOS) Brooke Shields father was an executive at revlon, her grandmother was Princess DonnA Torlonia

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