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Published: Apr 8, 2015
No Kardashian Parking Signs; Plastic Jesus Is Our New Hero In Los Angeles
by Tashi Singh

No Kardashian Parking Signs; Plastic Jesus Is Our New Hero In Los Angeles [PHOTO], So you are Kim Kardashian and you pull up in your $500K Mercedes SLR McLaren looking for a parking spot only to find a very specific street sign outlawing you from doing so.

The signs, as in more than one, stating "No Kardashian Parking Anytime" were placed around Los Angeles.
They are, of course,not sanctioned by anyone associated with the City of Los Angeles not are they legally binding in any way.

A total of seven signs popped up all over Hollywood, including the Kardashian's Dash store on Melrose Ave.

Local artist Plastic Jesus tells The Hollywood Reporter that he was motivated to make the signs after seeing all the paparazzi attention surrounding one of the Kardashian sisters on a local street.

"I guarantee that same number of paparazzi was far greater than any number of photographers chasing real news," he said, and added:

"The Kardashian family has become ingrained in our culture. We’ve allowed mainstream media to become so profit-driven, we are sacrificing genuine news stories to satiate our vapid celebrity obsessions."

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