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Published: May 11, 2015
SEE Coneheads Meet Jake from State Farm [VIDEO] in new commercial
by Ann Warren

SEE Coneheads Meet Jake from State Farm [VIDEO] in new commercial, State Farm probably still can't believe how popular the "Jake From State Farm" commercial has become.

It became a cult favorite nearly overnight and has been parodied relentlessly on all platforms of social media.
Recognizing the love for all things Jake, the insurance company even gave him a Twitter account, which has tens of thousands of followers.

You remember the dialogue:

Guy: ...You'd do that for me? Really!
Wife: Who is that.
Guy: Jake from state farm.
Guy: Sounds like a really good deal.
Wife: Jake from state-farm in 3 in the morning, WHO IS THIS
Guy: It's Jake from state-farm.
Wife: What are you wearing "Jake from state farm"
Jake: Ugh... Khakis

Now, State Farm has provided a twist with Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtain reprising their "Coneheads" from planet Remulak roles. So # TuneinEarthlings at 2pm CST.

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