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Published: Mar 21, 2016
SEE IT! Opera Singer Belts Out 'Highway To Hell' On Spain's Got Talent, Wows Judges & Internet
by Ann Warren

AC/DC may have found their new singer [VIDEO]. Cristina Ramos, a contestant on Spain's Got Talent, recently did a performance of AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" that was so good she won over the judges and basically the rest of the world wide web, too.

Ramos auditioned on the show earlier this week and started with a lovely operatic ditty.
The judge's reaction was respectful and polite, but obviously were not sure she was right for the show.

The things took a sudden and unexpected turn when Ramos is interrupted by the signature guitar riff from AC/DC's "Highway to Hell." She plays along, acting as if it were unexpected.

Nicely played Cristina. Nicely played. Ripping off the bottom portion of her dress revealing torn pants, Ramos tears into a sizzling performance, flooring the judges and receiving a roar from the live studio audience.

Could AC/DC have found their next frontperson?

The 'Back In Black' band is reportedly seeking a new singer, since doctors have warned charismatic frontman Brian Johnson about touring because of his increasing deafness.

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