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Published: Mar 29, 2016
PHOTO Of Peeing Newborn Baby During Picture Shoot Goes Viral
by Toshiba Reynolds

Indiana photographer Abbie Rodgers specializes in newborn photo shoots, which we can surmise has produced a lot of cute baby pictures.

And it has also produced many said babies relieving themselves at inoportune moments, reports Bored Panda. "It happens a lot especially during newborn shoots because they are naked for a lot of the time," she said. Never, however, has Rodgers ever snapped a baby in the act--until recently.

While conducting her shoot with the Carlson family in early March, Jeff and Farren's newborn baby boy happen to urinate at the exact right (or wrong) moment.

That's right, the above image is not a stock photo. It is a little odd that Jeff and Farren look so surprised, as the couple has two other boys who must have peed at inconvenient moments in the past.

After a little cleanup and regroup, the Carlson family managed to get their pictures completed.

Baby Carlson was more than content to nap after emptying his bladder.

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