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Published: Apr 6, 2016
SEE IT! Pissed Pussy Cat Punishes Miley Cyrus In Vicious Attack
by Maria Gomez

Try not to laugh at the following pictures of former Disney Channel star turned wild child Miley Cyrus after being brutally attacked by a pussy cat who apparently is not a big fan of hers.

It's common knowledge that the former Hanna Montana really loves animals, however it would appear that not all animals feel the same way about her.
After being attacked by the krazed kitty, she did what we would expect the ego driven singer to do: post pictures of the injuries to her Instagram account.

We must warn you that the photos are disturbing as they feature Miley Cyrus... oh, and blood.

As one would expect from such a cunning linguist, all the photos share a common caption: "F********ck".

Cyrus does not mention if the pissed pussy was one of the four in her care. So lets take a look at the possible suspects.

Shanti Om BB

Or was it Harlem?

Maybe Kiki?

Or could it have been Lilo?

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