Conservation -- not more control
President Obama’s parting edicts betrayed Israel and commuted prison sentences for terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera and traitor Bradley/Chelsea Manning.... More
An 'Open, Democratic Process' Needs Help Sometimes
John Lewis recently said that "I think there was a conspiracy on the part of the Russians, and others, that helped him get elected. That’s not right. That’s not fair. That’s not the open, democratic process.” ... More
Ex-Cons Face Long Odds, But Families Can Be The Game Changer
Many prisoners, while no doubt eager to reclaim their freedom, arrive at that moment with no place to live, no money and no job prospects.... More
Four Black Self Promoters and a Weak NFL Franchise Disrespect America
Four black punks who never served a day in the military, exploited the stardom that comes with becoming an NFL football player to disrespect the men and women who have died fighting for the good of this great country and often for humanity prior to their contest on Sunday.... More
Survey reveals beer drinkers get chatted up more at bars
It's a Friday night and if you are out at a bar, chances are you are there hoping to meet someone nice to have a conversation with. So how do you pick the lucky one who gets to possibly spend the rest of the evening with you?... More
2016: States with the Best & Worst Health Care
Major insurers such as Aetna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare recently announced their exit from state-sponsored insurance exchanges while the uninsured rate has fallen to a historic low, bringing into question the cost and quality of health care in America. ... More
2016: Best & Worst Cities for Recreation -- Study
With July being National Park and Recreation Month and America’s largest cities investing more than $6.9 billion on park and recreation in 2015, the personal-finance website WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of 2016's Best & Worst Cities for Recreation.

... More
United Grounds A Pilot Who Said Clinton should Be Hanged, Thousands Demand Resignation
United Airlines has grounded one of its pilots pending a full investigation into an online message that said Hillary Clinton should be "hung on the mall in Washington, DC." Michael Folk, who also serves in the WV state legislature made the comments this past Friday night. ... More
Don't Let Overreaction To Brexit Drive You Into Panicky Investment Decisions
The British vote to leave the European Union – commonly referred to as the Brexit – seemed to catch much of the world by surprise, at least temporarily shook up the markets and left many people wondering whether they should act quickly to protect their investments.

... More
US teachers visit Trinidad and Tobago to develop science curriculum
Teachers from the Omaha Public School in Nebraska, United States of America (USA) will be visiting Trinidad and Tobago to learn more about our country’s biodiversity and abundant eco systems as they seek to boost their Science curriculum and help students appreciate the varying scientific cultures of our twin island paradise.... More
New Poll: Donald Trump Surges Past Hillary Clinton With Post-Convention Bump
A new Morning Consult poll taken in the days following the Republican National Convention finds Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton for the first time ever in Morning Consult polling... More
Keeping the poor impoverished
Callous eco-imperialists use lies, scare stories to deny poor countries better living standards

... More
Real climate denial; Democratic VP nominee misrepresents Cornwall Alliance on Senate floor
Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) is the running-mate choice for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Yet he recently joined other Democratic Senators on the Senate floor to attack the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation and other Virginia-based organizations, in an attempt to defend climate alarmism against its critics. ... More
Foods That Reverse Brain Damage
Attempting challenging puzzles and reading up on the theory of relativity aren't the only ways to keep your brain at its finest.... More
NJ State Senate amends "Pet Store Puppy Mill" Legislation
At Monday's hearing of the New Jersey state Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, Senator Raymond Lesniak, D-Union, introduced amendments to Senate Bill 63, known as the "Pet Store Puppy Mill Ban." ... More
How A Muslim Filmmaker Overcomes Adversity And Stereotypes To Live His Dream
American views about Islam often are fueled by terrorism that's routinely in the news, leading to a stereotypical view of Muslims that's reflected in everything from political rhetoric to pop culture.
... More
Sewage Sludge Storage Areas Could Cause Green Algae In Florida Freshwater
Most people don't know, and don't really care, as long as it goes away - and stays far away from their home. But county governments all across Florida have a dirty little secret they are hiding from the pubic that causes big problems for the Florida waterways, lakes and estuaries... More
Nonprofit Colleges Online Publishes 2016 Online Computer Science Master's Degree Program Rankings
Nonprofit Colleges Online has just published a ranking of 20 top colleges and universities offering an online master's degree in Computer Science.... More
Scientists Sound Off - Florida Red Tide Resides Only In The Ocean
Red Tide has been reported to have been seen in Florida waters and the Gulf of Mexico since Europeans first landed on the shores of the Sunshine State.... More
Leftist Proposal Defeated at Annual Meeting of Aetna Investors
At today's annual meeting of Aetna shareholders held in Avon, Connecticut, the major health insurer's investors followed the National Center for Public Policy Research's advice and rejected a shareholder resolution from a liberal activist organization that was designed to prevent the company from working with free-enterprise oriented groups.... More
Time To Call Trump What He Is... A Big Fat Liar
There must be a better way. I am so tired--you don't know how tired--of watching Donald Trump go on TV and lie with impunity.

... More
National Map Reveals Use Of Monsanto's Toxic Glyphosate in Parks and Playgrounds
The World Health Organization says glyphosate is a probable carcinogen. Scientific studies have found glyphosate to cause non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and other cancers, birth defects, and celiac disease, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome. ... More
Five Tips For Choosing Your Next Travel Destination
Your Boston vacation was great, especially that side trip to Salem to learn all about witch trials. The Grand Canyon lived up to its name and orca watching off the San Juan Islands was breathtaking.

... More
National Archives Hosts National Conversation on Rights and Justice in Atlanta
Event is First in a Series of "National Conversations on Rights and Justice" Held in Cities Across the Country
... More
Graduates face a big challenge
When they go into the Real World, college and high school grads will actually have to THINK

... More
Betcha Can't Find The Mistake In 5 Seconds Or Less In This Brain Teaser
Can you find the mistake in the following brainteaser in less than five seconds? Betcha can't.... More
SEE IT! Nicolas Cage Fights Vince Neil After He Allegedly Attacked A Woman
Rock and Roll icon Vince Neil got into a huge fight with Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage at a Las Vegas hotel after the Motley Crue frontman allegedly assaulted a female autograph-seeker.... More
Who Rocked Red Polka Dot Bikini Better: 90-Year-Old Grandma or Taylor Swift?
90-year-old-grandmother vs Taylor Swift in red polka dot bikini photo contest. It wasn't that long ago when Irene joined her family on a cruise and wore a trendy high-waisted, polka-dotted bikini she bought while in Australia, according to reports.... More
SHOCK! Woman Chained To Stripper Pole Inside Child Pornographer Home
PHOTOS/VIDEO: A Detroit man being investigated for fraud is now charged with sex trafficking and producing/distributing child pornography.... More
WATCH! Flight Attendant Deploys Emergency Slide & Bails For No Reason
After landing in Houston a United Airlines flight attendant made a bizarre exit from the jet when she deployed and slid down the plane's emergency slide.... More
SEE IT! Pissed Pussy Cat Punishes Miley Cyrus In Vicious Attack
Try not to laugh at the following pictures of former Disney Channel star turned wild child Miley Cyrus after being brutally attacked by a pussy cat who apparently is not a big fan of hers. ... More
Dude Tricks Tinder Dates Into Believing They're Getting High On Video
These videos of Tinder dates getting stoned, or should we say think they are getting stoned, are disturbing at best. Meet Ryan from Hammy TV, a YouTube prank channel, who set up a fake Tinder profile proclaiming he wanted to "meet up, hang out and smoke" with girls.... More
COOL! Slow-Mo Bridge Explosion Video In Controlled Demolition Goes Viral
The footage of this incredibly orchestrated controlled implosion of the US-377/SH-99 Washita River Bridge in Oklahoma is the finest slow-motion demolition of American infrastructure you will ever likely see.... More
VIDEO: Nurse Gets Extra Pizza Topping.. A Rude Note
A nurse in Texas was working late when hunger struck, so he put in an order for a Domino's pizza just five minutes before the store was set to close.... More
LOOK! Driver Nearly Drives Off Cliff, Then Gets Hit By Bus After Climbing From Crash
And you thought you had a bad Monday. I bet it was better than surviving a car crash, climbing out, to only then be hit by a passing bus.... More
National Poo Museum Opens; No, We're Not Shi**ing You
Holy sh*t! If you have an excitement for excrement, A British museum is offering several fine fecal exhibits for you to check out at the National Poo Museum.... More
SEE! LAUGH! Adult Toys Photobomb These Selfies
Whoopsie! Often, the best aspect of a photo is entirely inadvertent. These selfie moments were upstaged and it's funny and sad at the same time.... More
SEE! Baby Throwin' Up 'Deuces' In Ultrasound Photo Goes Viral
Cool video about an ultrasound photo that shows a baby throwin' up 'deuces.' A couple from Boston learned a little more than the sex of their unborn baby during a recent ultrasound appointment. Janine and Ryan Godfrey wound up learning a bit about its personality as well.... More
Watch: 'Bottled Instinct' Beer Brewed Using Vagina Bacteria From Czech Model
See the strange video about a 'Beer containing femininity, passion, sexuality by using vaginal lactic acid bacteria in the brewing' has gone viral. (Rim Shot!)... More
SEE IT! Prisoner Scales 25-Foot Fence To Escape New Mexico Jail
CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Security camera footage has been released that features a suspect escaping from a New Mexico jail by scaling a 25-foot razor-wire fence.... More
FAIL! Wanted Man Chews Off Fingertips To Hide Identity From Cops
A criminal's identity concealment FAIL caught on camera. A wanted man chewed off his fingertips during a traffic stop trying to conceal his identity from cops in Ohio.... More
WOW! Video Of Husband's Boredom Over Wife's Sexy Lap Dance Goes Viral
Most men would jump for joy if their wives offered up a raunchy lap dance. Hell, some probably wouldn't even mind if it was being recorded for the whole world to see.... More
EWW! Video Captures Giant Rat Climbing On Sleeping Subway Passenger in NYC
Yikes! One man appears to have captured the moment a very big rat decided to get cosy with an unsuspecting sleeping man on a Manhattan train.... More
PHOTO Of Peeing Newborn Baby During Picture Shoot Goes Viral
Indiana photographer Abbie Rodgers specializes in newborn photo shoots, which we can surmise has produced a lot of cute baby pictures.... More
VIDEO: Man Rents Wooden 'Pod' In Friends Living Room For $500 A Month In San Francisco
See some dude in San Francisco who built a wooden "pod" in his friend's living room in order to save on rent money.... More
SEE It! Moving Train Hopped By 'Freaky Fast' Jimmy John's Delivery Man
See a "Freaky Fast" albeit Feakin' nuts Jimmy John's delivery man in Florida live up to the eatery's slogan when he climbs a moving train to cross the tracks.... More
WATCH! Pot Growing Nuns Need Your Help To Save Online Shop Selling Medicinal Remedies
The Sisters of the Valley have developed a market for remedies made with Marijuana, but now they are facing a shut-down after Etsy withdrew their shop from online.... More
Can You Spot Why Cute Baby Photo Sparks Hilarious Memes & Goes Viral?
Isabelle Kaplan is an adorable baby that has sparked some very funny memes that have taken over the internet. Isabelle sports a head of hair most would be jealous of, and the world wide web has fallen for her hard.... More
MADDENING! Can You Find The Egg Amongst The Bunnies Puzzle?
Can you find the egg? Easter weekend has arrived, and to kick the holiday off, Hungarian artist Dudolf (real name Gergely Dudás) has come up with a puzzle follow-up to the popular panda one from December that took the internet over.... More
WATCH! Woman Drives SUV Off Parking Garage Roof; Falls Four Stories Before Landing Upside Down
Holy Cr@p! See an Audi Q5 SUV as it falls off of the fourth floor of a garage. A police department in Maryland released CCTV of an incident where a driver survived her vehicle falling four stories before landing on its roof.... More
WATCH! Hillarious Burglar's Unsuccessful Attempt At Robbing Business Set To MI-Like Theme
SEE! a bumbling burglar made a series of comical errors in Australia while attempting to pilfer a local business before ultimately leaving empty handed.... More
WATCH! 11-Year-Old Steals Cement Truck & Leads Police On High Speed Chase
RAW VIDEO! An 11-year-old Minnesota boy is in police custody after stealing a cement truck and leading officers on a chase reaching speeds of 71 mph on Sunday afternoon.... More
WATCH! Easter Bunny Beat Up At Mall In New Jersey
An Easter Bunny at a mall in New Jersey was filmed trading blows with a customer whose daughter fell from the chair following her photo.... More
SEE IT! Opera Singer Belts Out 'Highway To Hell' On Spain's Got Talent, Wows Judges & Internet
AC/DC may have found their new singer [VIDEO]. Cristina Ramos, a contestant on Spain's Got Talent, recently did a performance of AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" that was so good she won over the judges and basically the rest of the world wide web, too. ... More
LOOK! Cash Spilled From Armored Truck Snarls Traffic In Northern New Jersey
Video shows cash strewn about highway in north Jersey. While cruising Route 46 in Wayne, N.J., an armored truck dropped a bag full of money on the highway, stopping traffic after bills were strewn all over the road.... More
OUCH! Girl Takes Puck To Face Then Snaps Selfie At Hockey Game
In a very unusual moment during Thursday's Pittsburgh Penguins game, a UPI photographer and a fan in the stands managed to capture a woman taking a bloody selfie after being struck in the face by a hockey puck.... More
Cool! Video Of Three Suns Over Russian City; Sundog Optical Illusion
The video below of a rare optical illusion giving the appearance of three suns in the sky has gone viral. The event was caught on video over a Russian city where atmospheric ice crystals have gathered.... More
Watch: Silly Waitress, Tips are For 'Normal Looking' People
A server at an Iowa restaurant was the victim of scorn after a critical customer left a note reading, "Tips are only for normal looking people."... More
SEE IT! Van Destroyed By Diesel Train Seconds After Driver Bails In Ohio
See the driver of an AT&T van vacate his the work truck just seconds before being destroyed by a train. An Ohio police department shared the video below of an officer shooing a driver away from his work van mere moments before it was struck by a diesel train.... More
WATCH: Daring Jail Break By Helicopter Caught On Video
See the daring breakout from a jail in Quebec that would be funnier if it didn't actually work. The prison escape by two inmates at Quebec's St. Jerome prison is pretty cool until the revelation that the prisoners are Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau, a convicted murderer, and Dany Provencal, an arsonist. ... More
WATCH! How To Win An Argument At The Automotive Dealership
In this shocking CCTV footage, an unhappy customer felt the best way to win his argument with a salesman was to plough through the car showroom.... More
SEE IT! Cop Pepper Sprays Bikers Passing By Traffic Stop In Texas
Outrageous Video! Police have investigated after receiving video of a police officer pepper-spraying bikers as they passed by in Texas.... More
Watch: Escaped Bull Chases Player After Invading Youth Soccer Field
One kid will have quite the Bull story to tell at school. A junior soccer match in Australia ground to a halt when a young bull charged onto the pitch, terrorizing players and spectators. Incredibly, no one was hurt.... More
BE INSPIRED! Video of Woman Without Limbs Doing CrossFit Goes Viral
Watch the following video and be inspired. A video of woman doing CrossFit just went viral because she was born without limbs. ... More
Graph: How Long Various Drugs Stay In Your Blood, Urine and Hair
These graphs show how long drugs last in blood, urine and hair. Regardless of what all those advertised drug tests might promise, not all illegal substances leave their revelatory chemical signature in our bodies for the same duration of time.... More
Disgusting VIDEO Of Worker Peeing On Rice Krispies Assembly Line Goes Viral
Talk about a pissed off employee. A criminal investigation into a video appearing to show a man peeing on product at Kellogg facility assembly line in Memphis, Tennessee has been launched by the FDA.... More
Watch! Corpse 'Plays Poker' At Own Wake In Puerto Rico
Dead man's hand [PHOTO/VIDEO]: Man posed to play poker at his own wake. Henry Rosario Martinez, a 31-year-old Puerto Rican poker fan, died recently and participated in his hobby one last time after his body was seated at a card table for his wake.... More
WATCH! Booming Boob Messaging Service Tittygram Seeks Models
Work from home opportunity? In the midst of financial chaos in Russia that has hit entrepreneurs especially hard, the founders of messaging startup Tittygram have created their own "Silicone" Valley. ... More
Watch: Drunk Motorist Drives With 15-Foot Tree Embedded In Front Grille
See photos and video of a drunk driver traveling with a tree embedded in the front of car. In the suburbs of Chicago, police detailed a unique drunk driving incident that involved a woman driving with a 15-foot tree lodged in the front grille of her vehicle.... More
SHR Move To Ford Will Send Harvick To Hendrick, Kahne To 4
Harvick would be a great addition to the Hendrick racing stable and frankly would help people stop adding the "s" to Hendrick. Harvick drives for Hendrick. It's not Harvicks so it might help people stop saying Hendricks. ... More
AWW! Video Shows World's Smallest Monkeys Have Given Birth
Cute Alert! An Australian wildlife sanctuary was the backdrop as a pair of pygmy marmoset monkeys gave birth to some exceptionally tiny babies.... More
WATCH/HEAR! Woman In 'Mystery Machine' Minivan Eludes Police
Jeepers! Police in California said they are searching for a woman who led officers on a high-speed chase while driving a van painted like Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine.

... More
WATCH! Dancing Naked Woman Atop Big Rig Faces Off With Police After Crash
A bizarre morning rush hour crash on Highway 290 in Houston led to a bizarre stand-off between police and a naked woman dancing atop a semi truck.... More
SEE! 97 Of The Oddest X-Ray Revelations
The world's oddest X-rays reveal a wide range of strange objects in eye-watering locations. While normally x-rays reveal things such as broken bones or fluid filled lungs, every now and then they expose something a little more strange. ... More
SEE! Girl Re-Captions Instagram Pics Of Cheating Ex-Boyfriend, Hilarity Ensues
One has to laugh after some chick re-captions all her Instagram photos to share the ugly reality about her cheating ex-boyfriend.... More
Teacher Quits After Naked Pics Stolen From Phone By Vindictive Student
[PHOTOS/VIDEO] South Carolina teacher Leigh Anne Arthur, 33, was forced to resign from her job after a pupil, 16, shared nude photos from her phone while she was out of the room.... More
AMAZING FOOTAGE! FedEx Driver Uses Vending Machine to Shield Herself From Tornado
A quick thinking Louisiana FedEx driver uses an outdoor soda vending machine to shield herself from a tornado that demolished the building she sought for shelter in Assumption Parish, Louisiana.... More
WTF VIDEO? Couple Labeled 'BLACK PPL' On Their IHOP Receipt
A Texas couple is raising questions after finding "BLACK PPL" printed on their receipt from IHOP Monday morning.... More
SEE IT! Girl Sends Selfie To Family With Vibrators In The Background
SEE IT! A girl accidentally sends a selfie photograph with multiple vibrators to her family, and her sister just makes it even worse. All she wanted to do was show off her hair. Whoops.... More
Watch! Girl Vomits During Exorcism As She's Freed Of 7 Demons' In Romania
A bizarre video has surfaced that claims to show exorcism of 11-year-old gypsy girl in Romania. The distressing video is said to have captured the moment a possessed 11-year-old girl was freed from the bondage of seven demonic spirits.... More
WATCH IN HORROR! Toddler Falls Out Of Minivan While Grandpa Keeps Driving
A shocking video posted to Twitter shows a toddler tumbling out of the trunk of a minivan Sunday in China while the child's careless grandpa notices nothing and drives away.... More
SEE IT! Memory Foam Mattress Reveals Vibrator Stash To Woman's Friends
A woman's dildo stash was hilariously revealed to friends courtesy of her memory foam mattress.... More
WATCH! Great White Shark Unleashes Terrifying Attack On Small Fishing Boat
A group of fishermen off the coast of New Zealand captured video of a hungry great white shark repeatedly attacking their boat.... More
WATCH! Runaway Unicorn Leads Police On 3-Hour Chase In California
California Police said a reported "unicorn" on the loose led officers on a three-hour chase. The CHP said a call came in Wednesday afternoon about a unicorn running loose in the Madera Ranchos area.... More
SEE IT! Women Hiding Cocaine In Vaginas FAIL at Airports
You are a woman and you want to smuggle some drugs or something. What do you do? You hide the contraband in your vagina. Customs officers in New York said a woman returning from a trip to Jamaica was concealing half a pound of cocaine in her vagina.... More
WATCH! Upside Down House in Taiwan Draws Crowd While Defying Gravity
Photos & Video of an upside down house in Taiwan have gone viral. Designing and building a new home of your own may seem like a topsy-turvy experience, and for a group of architects in Taiwan it most certainly was.... More
Adolf Hitler Had Tiny Deformed 'Micro Penis' To Go Along With One Testicle
Medical records have revealed that Adolph Hitler had a tiny malformed penis. This might have contributed to his skewed world view, two historians have found.... More
Husband Shares Wife's Random Texts From The Past Year, Hilarity Ensues
A Husband shares his wife's text messages from the past year and they are weird, disjointed, and funny all at the same time.... More
WATCH! Mo. Firenado vs Firefall In Yosemite: Which Is More Amazing?
Which is the more amazing? Firenado or Firefall? Firefighters battling a massive wildfire in Missouri captured video of a "firenado" blowing flames into the sky while visitors to Yosemite National Park's Horsetail Falls captured photos of a stunning yearly phenomenon known as the "firefall."... More
SEE IT! 'Best, Worst Driver In The History Of A Snowstorm'
An upstate New York man shared video of a motorist he describes as "possibly the best, worst driver in the history of a snowstorm."... More
WATCH! Cyberbullied HS Girl Delivers Beatdown MMA-Style To Boy Culprit
You know the story. High school boy cyberbullies girl. Girl gives him brutal MMA-style beatdown caught on viral video.... More
One Half Of The 'God Squad' [VIDEO] Dies; Tom Hartman Dead At 69
Msgr. Tom Hartman, one half of the 'God Squad [VIDEO],' dies. Monsignor Tom Hartman helped raise millions in his fight to find a cure for Parkinson's Disease.... More
SEE IT! Beatles Legend Denied Entry To Grammy Awards After-Party
Paul McCartney was denied entry into Tyga's Grammy Awards after-party on Monday night.... More
Rabbit Or Duck? 124-year-old Drawing Tells How Creative You Are
What do you see: a rabbit? or a duck? or both? One hundred twenty four years after it was first drawn, the sketch below has ignited a huge reaction after it was shared on social media.... More
SEE IT! Fetus Trains For UFC While Still In Womb By Punching Self In Face
HAVE YOU SEEN THIS: Little Edward James Watson could be the next great UFC champ with an iron jaw. He'll just need to be born first.... More
WATCH! Gross Video Of Monster Cyst Being Drained Goes Viral
This video of a monster cyst being drained might make you squirm. With nearly 800,000 YouTube channel subscribers, 800,000 Instagram followers and 400,000 Facebook likes Dr. Sandra Lee is known as Dr. Pimple Popper on social media and her visibility is very high.... More
WATCH: Yeti Finally Captured On Video At Spanish Ski Resort
SEE IT! Yeti Is Finally Caught On Film At A Spanish Ski Resort. Guests at the resort of Formigal in the Pyrenees are looking over their shoulders after a large yeti-like creature was spotted wandering the slopes in northeastern Spain, according to various media reports.

... More
Man Throws Gator Into Wendy's [PHOTOS/VIDEO] Drive-Through Window
[VIDEO/PHOTOS] Fla. Man Throws A Gator Into Wendy's Drive-Through Window. A Florida man was taken into custody for throwing a live 3-1/2-foot alligator into a Wendy's drive-through window in what his parents say was just "a stupid prank."... More
Cam's Ex Stripper GF Kia Proctor Gets 'Racy' [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
Cam Newton's girlfriend goes by Kia, and she used to be a stripper at Stadium Club in DC under the name Hazel.... More
WATCH! Avalanche Bury Snowmobile Rider In Close Call Video
Captured video from a snowmobile rider in British Columbia that recorded his "close call" after he was buried by the snow from an avalanche has gone viral.... More
SEE IT! Principal Channels Adele To Announce School Closure In 'Hello, School Is Closed'
At a private school in Rhode Island, The Principal channels Adele in a parody to announce that the school would be closed on Friday.... More
WATCH! 15 Vehicles Parked On Ice Fall Into Lake Geneva
Maybe pay for parking next time? A Wisconsin snow sculpting competition featured an event of a different kind when 15 vehicles parked on the ice fell through into the cold waters of Lake Geneva.... More
Perv Leaves Woman Note About Stealing Condoms From Her Car; Wants To Tell Her About It
"I took your condoms... used them with a lady co-worker :) ... Would love to tell you about it." When you ship your belongings across the country you expect that everything will arrive safely and in tact.

... More
WATCH! Bill Cosby's Creepy Sofia Vergara Interview: "Men Only Think Of Sin When They See You"
VIDEO: "Men look at you, and they only think of sin." A cringe-worthy and long-forgotten video of Bill Cosby interviewing Sofia Vergara that shows the now-embattled comedian leering at the young actress has resurfaced.... More
Car Spins Out & Lands Atop Roof [PHOTOS/VIDEOS] Of 2-Story Home In California
Car spins out of control & lands on roof [PHOTOS/VIDEOS] of Palos Verdes Estates. A vehicle somehow managed to land atop the roof of a two-story home in Palos Verdes Estates.... More
SEE IT! Woman Purchases Organic PENIS-like Carrot; Can't Stop Laughing
Funny! An English shopper was left stunned and blushing after discovering an undeniably phallic-like carrot rising out of her selection of vegetables. So she snapped a few photos and the pictures have gone viral.... More
WATCH! Cat's Fish Fail; Monkey Pool Party; Pugs Delight Baby; Sea Lion Shopper; Raccoon Commuter
[PHOTOS/VIDEOS] Cat tries to catch family's fish, fails spectacularly, Monkeys cool off in South African man's home pool, San Francisco baby can't stop laughing at pugs, Sea lion visits California gift shop and Raccoon boards Toronto subway during morning rush.... More
Shoplifter Steals Police Cruiser [VIDEO] Then Hides In Dumpster After Abandoning It
Pennsylvania Police say a shoplifting suspect that was found hiding in a trash container [VIDEO] is in custody on charges including briefly stealing a police car.... More
Woman Pulls Over Cop For Speeding [VIDEOS] In Florida
A Florida woman shot video footage of her encounter with a police officer she "pulled over" after scolding him for driving over twice the speed limit.... More
Super Bowl 50 Commercials [VIDEOS]; Cutest Has To Be Wiener Dog Stamede In Heinz Ad
Super Bowl 50 takes place on Sunday, February 7, 2016 at Levi Stadium, home of the S.F. Fortyniners. But not everyone watches for the game. Some just watch for the commercials.... More
'Unafraid' Brett "The Hitman" Hart Facing Toughest Opponent; Prostate Cancer
Wrestling icon Brett Hart [VIDEOS] is perhaps facing the toughest opponent of his career. In a statement issued to his fans, "The Hitman" shared that he is battling prostate cancer.... More
Warning! Your Phone Rings Once From Strange Number - Don't Call Back
[VIDEO] Beware the 'One-Ring Scam' Your phone rings. You don't recognize the number, so you return the call to find out who it was. ... More
Peeing In Public [PHOTO/VIDEO] Now Allowed In San Francisco Park
Uromysitisis soved! A park's renovation in San Francisco includes a Uromysitisis solution, an open-air urinal. A popular park in San Francisco has re-opened after years of construction and is drawing attention for its new revolutionary feature: an open-air public urinal.... More
[VIDEO] Uber Passenger Threatens To Puke; Uber Driver Threatens Him With Gun
It's every Uber driver's fear. Vomit. An Uber driver pulled a gun on a passenger because he feared his pax might puke in his $75,000 Lexus.... More
SEE IT! Some Dick Swipes Gumball Machine From Laundromat In Broad Daylight
A video of a guy walking into a laundromat and making off with the establishment's gumball machine is the winner of this week's douchenozzle contest. The Police Department in Dallas released surveillance video of a brazen thief who walked away with a laundromat's indoor gumball machine in the mddle of the day.... More
Shades Of Seinfeld: Overdue Book From 1967 Returned To Library
One has to think of the "Library Cop" episode of Seinfeld [VIDEO] after hearing of this story about the Herrick District Library receiving a UPS package containing a book that had been checked out of the library since 1967.... More
WATCH! Garbage Truck Catches Fire Then Explodes In NJ Damaging Homes
Did you ever wish just wish your local garbage collector would just blow up? If so, you will be delighted over a New Jersey woman taking video of that very occurrence.... More
Guy Leaves Note For Car Thief On How To Return It And It Worked?
Some dude leaves a note in his glove box in case his car was ever stolen. And, get this (and I can hear you laughing), it might have worked.... More
The Following URL Will Crash Your iPhone, Don't Click It [VIDEOS]
The Following URL Will Crash Your iPhone, Don't Click It, If you visit a certain website on an iPhone. your browser will crash or even the device itself, according to reports.

... More
'Can You Name All The Characters From The 80s' In This Cartoon?
Can you name all these cartoons from the 80s? That's the question that is being asked just like the now-viral 'Can You Find 9 Bands From The 90s' puzzle that recently blew up on Facebook.... More
Rapper B.o.B Believes Earth Is Flat; Tweets About It To 2.29 million Followers
Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr., better known by his stage name B.o.B, spent the weekend blowing minds and telling his 2.29 million Twitter followers that we've all be lied to. The Earth is flat.... More
Mom's Breastfeeding Selfie 24 Hours After Childbirth Goes Viral
A mother's breastfeeding selfie shows what a women's body really looks like twenty four hours after childbirth.... More
WATCH! Valet Over-revvs Lamborghini On Joy Ride, It Catches Fire [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
When joy riding a Lamborghini goes wrong [PHOTOS/VIDEOS], A Florida valet worker thought he would take a Lamborghini for a harmless spin near Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach. He instead would learn a valuable lesson about joyriding when the customer's Lambo burst into flames in the middle of the road.... More
SEE IT! Mousetrap Ensnares Not A Mouse But Deadly Serpent [PHOTO/VIDEO]
Mousetrap Ensnares Not A Mouse But Deadly Tiger Snake [PHOTO/VIDEO], A Western Australia man who heard a mousetrap go off in his home discovers he has ensnared an unexpected invader -- a tiger snake.... More
WATCH: Creepy Cicada Shed Nymph Exoskeleton In Mesmerizing Time-lapse Footage
Creepy Cicada sheds nymph exoskeleton in mesmerizing time-lapse footage [VIDEO]. People are going to be freaked out by this time-lapse video of a Cicada shedding its nymph exoskeleton to become an adult. But it is quite a sight.... More
PIT Maneuver Leads to Dogs Running Free [VIDEO] On 710 Freeway After Pursuit
Pursuit Ending In PIT Maneuver Leads to Dogs Running Free [VIDEO] On 710 Freeway. It was PIT maneuvers and pit bulls for the CHiPs when a highway chase concluded with a motorist releasing 6 dogs onto the 710 Freeway Monday evening.

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Bad Beauty Queens [PHOTOS/VIDEOS] List: Miss Washington USA Stormy Keffeler Stripped Of Crown
Bad Beauty Queens [PHOTOS/VIDEOS] List: Miss Washington USA Stormy Keffeler Stripped Of Crown, From DUIs to stripper poles to dirty dancing, beauty pageant scandals are not exactly an uncommon occurrence.... More
Eagles Founder & Guitarist Glenn Frey Dead At Age 67, Fans Shocked
Eagles founder and guitar player Glenn Frey has died.

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Salem Witch Trials Hangings Site Identified [PHOTOS/VIDEO], Researchers Confirm
Salem Witch Trials Hangings site is identified [PHOTOS/VIDEO], confirm researchers. Historical researchers have determined the site in Salem, Mass., where 19 people accused of practicing witchcraft in 1692 were hanged.... More
'Can You Find 9 Bands From The 90s' Hidden In Cartoon?
Can you find nine bands from the 90s? That's the question that was asked within a now-viral puzzle that recently blew up on Facebook.

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Possible Blizzard/Signifant Snowstorm in Northeast Late This Week
For much of the northeast, snow has been conspicuously absent from the forecast – and from the actual weather – so far this winter. That could change later this week as the potential exists for a major snowstorm/blizzard to affect more than 50 million.... More
Drunken Tool Who Assaulted Uber Driver On VIDEO Suing Driver For $5M
A Southern California man charged with assault and battery on an Uber driver [VIDEO] is accusing the driver he was caught on dashcam punching of.. get this.. assault and battery.... More
WATCH Tony Stewart Confront Heckler, Call Him a 'P***y' at Chili Bowl Nationals
See [PHOTOS/VIDEO] Tony Stewart confront a heckler and call him a 'P***y' at Chili Bowl Nationals, Not everyone is a fan of my friend Tony Stewart. And he apparently heard quite enough from one race fan Friday night.... More
Delta Passenger Brings Turkey Onboard [PHOTOS/VIDEO] As 'Emotional Support Animal'
A Delta passenger brought a turkey [PHOTOS/VIDEO] as an 'emotional support animal' onboard his flight. Many airline passengers cringe when they hear a crying baby on board, but how about a gobbling turkey? A couple of photos showing a turkey being used as an emotional support animal for an airline passenger has gone viral.... More
Man Proposes To Pregnant Girlfriend In 148 Selfies [PHOTOS/VIDEO] Before She Noticed 5 Mos Later
A man proposed to his pregnant girlfriend 148 times [PHOTOS/VIDEO] before she realized five months later, It only took five months for Ray Smith to finish proposing to his best girl, because his elaborate proposal consisted of him snapping 148 photos in which he pops the question.... More
Powerball Jackpot $1.5 Billion; How to play, Quick Pick Generator; Odds [VIDEO]
Powerball jackpot tops $1 billion [VIDEO]: How to play, Quick Pick generator; your odds. The world's largest lottery jackpot has grown to $1.5 billion because of continuing strong Powerball ticket sales.... More
Lotteries Like Powerball Exploit, Victimize & Prey Upon Lower Income People
Lotteries such as Powerball exploit, victimize and prey upon the less fortunate. The next Powerball drawing is at 10:59 pm ET on Wednesday, and there will likely be at least one winner for the record-shattering $1.5 billion jackpot that's up for the taking.... More
Dude Photoshops Himself Into Kendall Jenner's Instagrams As Her Secret Twin, Kirby
Think you know all things Kardashian? Did you know that Kendall Jenner actually has a secret fraternal twin, Kirby Jenner? Until recently, he has been pretty camera-shy, so you might have missed him on episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. ... More
Watch: Woman's Funny Recount Of Escape From Apt Fire; Produces First Viral Star Of 2016
Nuh-uh, we ain't gonna be in no fire. Not today. Watch woman's funny recount of escape from Tulsa apartment fire that went viral, A woman who appeared on live TV after a fire at her apartment block has become an internet sensation after giving a hilarious interview about the blaze.... More
Female Photographer Elevates Dick Pics To Penis Art By Dressing Them Up [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
Female Photographer Elevates Dick Pics To Penis Art [PHOTOS/VIDEO]. Soraya Doolbaz is an Iranian-Canadian photographer, whose gallery focuses exclusively on dick pics. ... More
Search For Snake Thief Caught On Camera Stuffing Reptile Down Pants
Feel my, my, my serpentine. A snake thief has been caught on surveillance video stealing a python and putting the reptile in his pants.... More
Playboy Mansion Sale: Most Expensive Listing Smells Like An Old Man, Is Run Down and Comes With Hef Til Death For $200M
Playboy Mansion Sale [PHOTOS]: Most Expensive Listing Smells Like An Old Man, Is Run Down and Comes With Hef Til Death, The famed Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles' Holmby Hills is for sale and in spite of the 29-room (six-bedroom) Beverly Hills mansion's decrepit condition, its owner, Playboy Enterprises, hopes to unload it for north of $200 million.... More
Bank Robbed By Man Armed With Bible [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
Bank is robbed by a man armed only with Bible [PHOTOS/VIDEO], Authorities are seeking to identify a man who robbed a Nashville bank armed only with the Holy Bible.... More
No Pants Subway Ride Spawns Twerk Off; 2016 PHOTOS/VIDEOS
No Pants Subway Ride spawns Twerk Off; 2016 PHOTOS & VIDEOS, The organizers of the No Pants Subway Ride said tens of thousands of people in over 60 cities worldwide shed their pants and boarded subways for the 15th annual event.... More
Traffic Reporter Drives Daughter To Practice With Snake Frozen To Windshield
[PHOTO] Traffic Reporter drives her daughter to practice with a snake frozen to windshield, An ABC News New York on air personality was disgusted to find a snake frozen to the windshield of her car.... More
Janet Jackson Being Tested For Throat Cancer - Report
Janet Jackson is reportedly being tested for throat Cancer. Music superstar Janet Jackson said she is taking a break from her Unbreakable concert tour to deal with an undisclosed health issue in December.... More
Wife Texts Husband All the Crazy Stuff He Says To Her While Sleeping
A Wife started texting her husband all the crazy s#!t he says to her in his sleep. Statistics say that only 5 percent of adults suffer from full-bown somniloquy, or sleep talking. Many of us have muttered something into our pillows at one point or another.... More
Gunman Takes Selfie With Robbery Victim, Exchanges Snapchat Info
Gunman takes selfie with robbery victim, then exchanges Snapchat information, An 18-year-old man was arrested for robbing multiple people at gunpoint at Lovers Point Park in Pacific Grove and even took a selfie with one of the victims, according to a regional crime task force.... More
Buffalo Bills Fan's Flaming Rear [VIDEO] Extinguished By Tailgaters' Brewskis
Buffalo Bills fan's Flaming Butt [VIDEO] Extinguished By Fellow Tailgaters' Beers. Last Sunday's game versus the Jets was hotly contested. So much so that a fan caught on fire during a tailgate.... More
Collision of Horse-drawn Buggies [VIDEO/PHOTO] on County Road in Indiana
[VIDEO] Collision of Horse-drawn Buggies on County Road in Indiana, One person was hurt in the aftermath of a collision between two horse-drawn buggies in Indiana on Friday.

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