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Published: Nov 19, 2014
WTF? Canadian mother million dollar medical bill [PHOTOS\VIDEO]
by Maria Gomez

WTF? Canadian mother million dollar medical bill [PHOTOS\VIDEO], A dream vacation has turned into a financial nightmare for one Saskatchewan couple, after a mom-to-be gave birth while on vacation in Hawaii.

Jennifer Huculak and her husband have been saddled with a medical bill of nearly $1 million after she gave birth to her daughter in the U.S.
The birth came nine weeks early and the child was placed in intensive care for two months --a treatment that costs upwards of about $15,000 per day. Huculak herself required six weeks of bed rest in a Hawaiian hospital and received a bill for $950,000.

Prior to her trip, Huculak purchased Blue Cross insurance, and she sought out medical clearance from her doctor to travel. Still, the family returned home with the lofty bill by which to remember the trip.

"It makes you sick to your stomach," she told CTV Saskatoon. “Who can pay a million-dollar medical bill? Who can afford that?”

The Huculaks were even more disheartened when they were informed that the insurance they’d purchased had denied the claim, arguing that Jennifer had a pre-existing condition.

“Mrs. Huculak was diagnosed and treated for a high-risk pregnancy in the six months prior to departure,” the company wrote in a letter to the couple. “As Ms. Huculak is currently hospitalized and being treated for this high-risk pregnancy, any expenses incurred are not eligible under the terms of your policy.”

But Jennifer said she didn’t have a high-risk pregnancy; but rather a bladder infection that led to bleeding.

“The specialist in Hawaii said that these things just happen,” Jennifer said. “There’s nothing that causes them.”

To try and help the claim along, Jennifer’s regular obstetrician wrote a letter to Blue Cross, saying that her bladder infection did not lead to the early preterm labor.

The claim was denied, yet again.

Now, she and her husband are trying to decide if they should try and fight Blue Cross, declare bankruptcy, or wait and see what happens. For more and additional photos go here.

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