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Published: Jan 20, 2016
Mom's Breastfeeding Selfie 24 Hours After Childbirth Goes Viral
by Maria Gomez

A mother's breastfeeding selfie shows what a women's body really looks like twenty four hours after childbirth.

New mom Erica Andrews posted to social media a photo of herself breastfeeding her 24-hour-old baby and it has gone viral for its incredibly frank-yet refreshingly beautiful-look at new momhood.

Andrews, a mother of five from Zanesville, Ohio, took to the Facebook page of Sakura Bloom on Tuesday, a company that makes breastfeeding slings, and quickly received tens of thousands of likes and shares. And it isn't just because she is wearing an adult diaper.

In the black and white photo below, Erica wears only underwear and a baby sling with her newborn nursing in it while she poses with her hand on her hip, highlighting her round tummy.

'This is what 24 hours postpartum looks like,' she wrote. 'Baby in sling. Skin to skin. Adult diapers. And a rosy glow. My body feels like it ran a marathon and my heart is wide open from yesterday's travels.'

Those adult diapers are A life saver BTW.

If you had any doubt that public breastfeeding is controversial, check out the "social experiment" video below where the filmmaker makes his friend breastfeed in public to see how strangers would react.

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