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Published: Feb 29, 2016
SEE IT! Memory Foam Mattress Reveals Vibrator Stash To Woman's Friends
by Ann Warren

A woman's dildo stash [PHOTO/VIDEO] was hilariously revealed to friends courtesy of her memory foam mattress.

Moving is not easy, so ore often than not we get some friends to help with the promise of free beer and pizza.
But having said friends help move your intimate items can be a humilliating situation, as one woman found while transporting her memory foam mattress.

This hilarious picture was posted to Imgur with the caption: "Friend moving her mattress today. Guess you can tell what was stored underneath?"

As you can clearly see, the memory foam shaped itself around the x-rated objects which had been stored underneath the mattress.

The post has since gone viral and been seen by millions of people since being shared on Imgur and sparked hundreds of comments from amused users.

The photograph was posted to Imgur and had more than two million views with users guessing what the objects could be
Amusing suggestions ranged from snakes to hammers and one joked she should get a cabinet to display her collection


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