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Published: Mar 14, 2016
Graph: How Long Various Drugs Stay In Your Blood, Urine and Hair
by Tashi Singh

These graphs show how long drugs last in blood, urine and hair. Regardless of what all those advertised drug tests might promise, not all illegal substances leave their revelatory chemical signature in our bodies for the same duration of time.

Business Insider has produced the fascinating graphs below detailing the amount of time various legal and illegal drugs remain detectable in your blood, urine and hair.

Most drugs are undetectable in the blood after a couple of days. With the huge exception being pot, which remains detectable for 14 days.

The moment we partake of a drug — whether snorting, smoking, or swallowing it -- the body begins to break it down. In the process byproducts of the drug, known as metabolites, are produced. Metabolites tend to linger in our blood, urine (and even in our hair) long after the initial effects.

Traces of these metabolites are what drug tests look for, as they are a fairly good indicator that someone has actually used a drug rather than simply coming into accidental contact with it.

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