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Published: Dec 10, 2008
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Elizabeth Frisinger Photo: Accidentally Texts Father That She Lost Virginity
by Jack Ryan

Pretty girl Elizabeth Frisinger has a whole lot of explaining to do to her father. Frisinger is 18-years-old and as dumb as it gets. Apparently Frisinger texted her father after having sex first for the first time on a class trip to the beach. The text on her iPhone was suppose to go to her friend instead of her dad.

After losing her virginity she tried to text a friend this: "OMG! Just had 1st time on beach! Gr8! Wish u were here!" Her dad then responded "I'm assuming this was intended for someone else Lizzy." At this point it was pretty obvious the father was pretty upset and Lizzy probably felt like she was going to puke. After that text the father sent this message: "Class trip is over. Tomorrow 7:10 am Delta #*** Use my credit card for taxi." That father wanted her home pronto!

Now apparently Lizzy must have been made a huge mistake of showing a friend or someone because soon after the incident it spread over the internet by a classmate of hers according to They also leaked her senior year picture onto the internet to a Cleveland radio Station with a more complete story. I wonder who the guy was? Maybe we will be hearing from him soon enough. (c) tPC

For more info and some pictures of her iPhone - Click HERE

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