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Published: Dec 11, 2008
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Nude Jennifer Aniston GQ Cover Photo and Tired Of Relationship Gossip
by Staff

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston poses in nothing but a necktie on the cover of the January 2009 issue of GQ, which will go on sale on December 23.

Yep, Jen is naked once again. B&B has more here.

She is also "sick" of the interest in her relationship with musician John Mayer.

The former Friends star has recently got back together with the rocker Mayer - but is fed up of reading gossip about their romance.

And she hopes her role in the upcoming movie Marley and Me will divert attention away from her private life.

Aniston says, "I think it's ridiculous, the interest in my life. There's just this insatiable need. I also haven't had a movie in a long time, so hopefully this is going to create something else to talk about and (make people) realise that I have a job, and I'm an actress.

"I am honestly getting sick of it, and I feel like telling people, 'You know what? It's none of your f***ing business.' Seriously, it's enough." (c) WENN

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