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Published: Dec 11, 2008
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KFC Sink Bath Photos: MySpace, Panties and Bras = Fired
by Mike Baron

Three young girls have now been fired after stripping down to their bras and panties (or possibly bathing suits) and bathing in a Kentucky Fried Chicken dishwashing sink.

Three young, female Anderson Kentucky Fried Chicken employees have been fired from the fast-food restaurant after photographing themselves taking a bath in the restaurants dishwashing sink.

One of the three girls proudly posted her photos of 'the bath' on her MySpace page - demonstrating just how little of an understanding they have of how utterly disgusting their actions were.

KFC spokesman Rick Maynard said in an email Thursday: "KFC has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and our franchisee has taken immediate action by terminating the employees who were involved."

When asked if this has ever happened before, Maynard confidently replied:  "Of course not."

This isn't the first time someone has bathed in a restaurant sink.

Photos of the girls in the sink are here.

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