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Published: Mar 26, 2010
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The "Real Face of Jesus" (PHOTO) Revealed?!
by Jack Ryan

Jesus Christ of Nazareth was not porcelain-skinned, strikingly handsome and did not have blue eyes, according to a new image of Jesus created by the "Shroud of Turin".

The "real face" of Jesus Christ has been recreated by computer using information and blood from the "Shroud of Turin," which was then turned into a 3D image of the Savior himself.

The image has been created for the History Channel's upcoming special, "The Real Face of Jesus," which is set to air next week.

Ray Downing, president of Studio Macbeth, explains how they recreated the "real" face of Jesus to the NY Post:

"We 'lifted' the blood and isolated it [on the computer]," he said, 'so that would sit 'in air' [on a transparent background]."

Go here to read more on how Downing claims his technique enabled him to see for the first time since The Crucifixion, the actual face of Jesus.

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