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Published: Mar 28, 2010
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Rachel Maddow's Full Page Ad Prompts Scott Brown Response
by Ann Warren

MSNBC television news host Rachel Maddow has run a full-page ad in The Boston Globe declaring she is not officially running for U.S. Senate.

After liberal bloggers raised the idea, and the Democratic Party chairman John Walsh tweeted about it, rumors heated up about Maddow running against Scott Brown for office.

Maddow, however, declares the rumors weren't real, and then takes advantage of the liberal gaffe to try and mock the newly elected Republican senator. Way to turn it around, right?

Brown assumed the Massachusetts senate seat after a special election upon the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

The ad, placed in the Friday edition of the paper, is a full-page copy of a letter Maddow sent to Brown.

In the letter, Maddow declares Brown is trying to drum up money and garner out-of-state funds using a made-up story about her running for office.

Others would say Maddow is using the incident to drum up publicity for her show, since she makes sure to list the network and time it airs before signing off on her note.

The Huffington Post notes that Scott Brown apparently isn't concerned about the Maddow mayhem: "Yesterday, he appeared on a WAAF radio show and was asked about this whole matter. Brown said, 'With all due respect, I'm going to continue to fight and do my job and work hard to do just that. And, er, bring her on. I don't care.'"

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