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Published: Feb 18, 2011
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Man Joins Dumbest Criminals: Kills, Stabs Over Fart Jokes
by Jim Brogan

A man that allegedly attacked friends at a party with a knife after they mocked him for his flatulence has pleaded not guilty to killing one friend and injuring three others.

21-year-old Mark Higgins of New Britain has pleaded not guilty to the stabbing death of a friend and the assault of three other people after being accused of going on a rampage at a party after his friends mocked him over his flatulence.

According to police, Higgins was "very drunk" at a Bristol house party last month when he was made fun of for his flatulence. The mockery was so out of hand, that one woman even slapped Higgins because of it. An offended Higgins stormed out of the party only to return nearly an hour later with vengeance in mind. Higgins, armed with three knives, started stabbing people at the party randomly, killing one of his friends and injuring three others.

Matthew Walton died of his knife wounds and his blood is now on Higgins' hands, who told police after the crime that he was angry and wanted to show that people shouldn't make fun of him. He pleaded not guilty, however, to the murder and assault charges.

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