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Published: Feb 21, 2011
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Cuba Vegetarian Restaurant Serves Pork: Huh?
by Jim Brogan

Here in the United States, vegetarians can enjoy a pressure-less, meatless life with restaurants that not only don't serve meat - but detest it - but folks in the communist-run Cuba are not so lucky.

Every non-vegetarian knows that meat is delicious, awesome and absolutely necessary to enjoy life. Vegetarians, of course, believe the opposite - but it's the former that runs Cuban restaurants. Vegetarian restaurants in Cuba have suffered so much, they're trading the soy for some juicy, delicious pork.

Cubans love meat - for the most part - and restaurants that offer "meat-free" menus are now feeling the pressure to put some cooked-up animal flesh back on their menus. It seems soy just isn't going to cut it.

About a half dozen vegetarian restaurants are following suit, reintroducing meat back into their menu.

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