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Published: Mar 24, 2011
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Netflix Outage UPDATE: Apology and 3 Percent Credit
by Mitch Marconi

If you are a Netflix member who was looking forward to accessing the Netflix website's live streaming service Tuesday night, you probably found yourself ranting on Facebook and Twitter when you found that the website was experiencing an outage several hours long. Well, now Netflix is apologizing and wants to offer you a little something for your trouble.

Netflix, the most popular rental avenue for movie enthusiasts, experienced an outage Tuesday night that shut all users out of their queues and streaming content for several hours. In a world where everyone announces their rising and sitting down on internet social networking websites, you can imagine how Twitter's live feed looked Tuesday night.

Now the Netflix company is apologizing and offering their customers a little something for their trouble. They took to Twitter Tuesday night to address all the complaints: "We are aware that the website may not work for everyone at this time. We're working to get it fixed as quickly as we can."

Several hours later, Netflix posted an update: "UPDATE: Streaming is back on the website. We're still working on getting streaming back to all devices. Thanks for your patience!"

Finally on Wednesday morning, Netflix tweeted: "RESOLVED: The website and devices are back up and running. Thanks again for your patience while we worked to get this fixed!"

The company then sent an email to subscribers offering to apply a 3 percent credit to the next billing statement due to the inconvenience of the outage.

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