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Published: Mar 24, 2011
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(PHOTO) 3 Ton Boat Propeller Stolen, Worth $6000!
by Jim Brogan

Someone has stolen a 3,000 pound boat propeller worth $6,000 from a Florida man's yard, police say.

In a heist that would require a tow truck and some serious physical strength, someone has carted away a 3-ton boat propeller form a Jackson City, Florida, man's yard. According to documents, the man arrived home to find that his eye-catching boat propeller was stolen from his yard.

David London, the owner of the propeller, had hung the 3,000 lb. tugboat art piece in the cul-de-sac of his neighborhood for his neighbors to enjoy, but when he returned home recently, he found that his precious propeller had been stolen, with no obvious signs of theft.

According to police, the suspect will likely sell it for its metal value.

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