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Published: Apr 14, 2011
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Stephanie Seymour Fights For Marriage, Divorce Called Off!
by Tashi Singh

Stephanie Seymour, the supermodel men only dream of one day being with, is calling off her divorce from her husband of over a decade.

Supermodel Stephanie Seymour is in the news this week after reports hit the web claiming she and her husband of 16 years are not going through with divorce proceedings after filing last month. Seymour, who has three children with her husband, was still living with her husband at the time they filed for divorce.

Seymour apparently reassured a pal last month: "It's OK. I'm sleeping in the maid's quarters."

"I'm doing the best I can to keep things amicable. I want to be the bigger person. But it's tough. He's playing very dirty with me."

Now the 'dirty fight' is coming to an end - hopefully. "The dirty fight is all about winning, not healing," she said this week.

"It's fueled by people you're paying. It is the lawyers talking and not you… I told him 'Let's get rid of all of these people. I have more confidence in you, and I would hope that deep down you would have more confidence in me, that we can work this out.'"

"Of course we're in therapy. And then I have my own therapist, and the kids have theirs, and there is nothing wrong with this."

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