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Published: May 9, 2014
Cloud bottom falls out [VIDEO] In Alabama
by staff

Cloud bottom falls out [VIDEO] In Alabama, Video of rain inundating Montgomery, Alabama during a thunderstorm after a cloud bottom falls out.

The time ticks away at the bottom of the video showing just how amazingly quick the deluge comes.
Then, in a split-second, a passing cloud suddenly bursts open and the bottom falls completely out of the cloud and blasts an isolated spot with rain before moving on to do the same things multiple times across a large sopping swath of the southern city.

Pay attention to the time at the bottom of the screen, which shows just how quickly the deluge comes.

The entire washout is captured by the Alfa SkyVision Web Camera at RSA Headquarters and lasts only a few minutes.

It was then broadcast by WSFA. A clip of the video was also uploaded to YouTube, where it went viral.

Montgomery, Alabama was inundated by torrential rains recently as a passing cloud suddenly burst open, dumping a massive gush of water over a very small part of town.

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