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Published: Jun 10, 2014
What Different IQ Scores Mean: tests of famous people [LIST]
by staff

What Different IQ Scores Mean; tests of famous people [LIST], The IQ scores of famous people always seem to be of interest.

IQ stands for 'Intelligence Quotient' and is a numerical score based on standardized tests which attempt to measure intelligence.  In general, an average IQ score is (91-110), below-average (90 and below) or above-average intellect (above 111).

Quite a few celebrities have had the benefit of a higher education. Not all the famous people have had the benefit of their IQ being tested.

But, these folks have: 

Thomas Edison IQ 145

Muhammad Ali IQ 78

Barack Obama IQ 145

Charles Darwin IQ 160

Jodie Foster's IQ is 132

Jean Auel IQ 140

Stephen Hawking's IQ is 160

Sigmund Freud IQ 156

Reggie Jackson's IQ is 160

Nicole Kidman's IQ is 132

Sofia Kovalevskaya IQ 190

Scott Levy's IQ is 143

Philip Emeagwali IQ 190

Madonna's IQ is 140

Jayne Mansfield's IQ is 149

Steve Martin's IQ is 142

Arnold Schwarzenegger's IQ is 135

Shakira's IQ is 140

OJ Simpson's IQ is 89

Britney Spears' IQ is 104

Sharon Stone's IQ is 154

Quentin Tarantino's IQ is 160

Marilyn Vos Savant's IQ is 228

Andy Warhol's rumored IQ is 86

Johann Sebastian Bach's IQ was 165

George W. Bush's IQ is 125

Asia Carrera's IQ is 156

Bill Clinton's IQ is 137

Hillary Clinton's IQ is 140

Geena Davis' IQ is 140

Charles Dickens' IQ was 180

Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160

Bobby Fischer IQ 187

Kim Ung-Yong IQ 210

Did any of these scores surprise you? Was there anyone on the list whose score shocked you?

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