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Published: Nov 3, 2012
New Noreaster [VIDEO] 2012
by staff

2012 Noreaster [VIDEO]. A new East Coast storm threatens the same areas Hurricane Sandy battered days ago. While it's no superstorm, this traditional nor'easter snowstorm might make matters worse post Election Day for residents still suffering gas shortages and power outages.

The National Weather Service's forecast center that watches winter storms put out a long-range notice Thursday, saying bluntly that a nor'easter is possible for the mid-Atlantic and New England.

However, meteorologists note that it's still six days out, so that's rather early to get too worried. The forecast might change before it hits late next week.

The New East Coast storm has been predicted by the same reliable European computer model that forecast the projected path of Hurricane Sandy.

If predictions are accurate, the new East Coast storm would strike as many areas in the region are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, CBS News noted. Millions of residents in New York and New Jersey remain without power, and the hurricane caused an economic impact as large as $50 billion.

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