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Published: Jun 23, 2014
[LIST] SAT scores of the rich and famous
by staff

[LIST] SAT scores of the famous, Famous folks are people, too, and a lot of them took the SAT just like you and I. Of course, SAT scores are confidential, so you are not likely to stumble upon huge ranked lists of famous people and their respective SAT scores, yet, a few have revealed this private information, and some of them are pretty impressive.

Time Magazine has listed some of these famous people who all went on to great success – even if you can’t tell by their SAT scores.

Remember that these scores are only from the Math and Verbal sections of the old SAT, for a possible total of 1600.

Who had the highest famous SAT scores? No surprise really. Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen earned scores of 1590 and 1600, respectively.

Also in the top are FOX News political commentator Bill O'Reilly, with an SAT score of 1585, and political speechwriter Ben Stein, who scored a 1573. Stein is best known from his game show Win Ben Stein's Money and his famous comedic acting role in the 1980s classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off, in which he played a brainy but boring professor.

Former vice-president Al Gore got a score of 1355. Gore's opponent in the 2000 election, then-President George W. Bush, famously scored a 1206 on his SATs. His challenger in 2004, Secretary of State John Kerry, scored a bit lower, earning an 1190.

Here are some others

Craig Breslow scored 1420 on SAT
Kobe Bryant scored 1080 on SAT
Courteney Cox scored 1150 on SAT
Drea de Matteo scored 800 on SAT
Ryan Fitzpatrick SAT score 1580
Al Franken SAT score 1020
Janeane Garofalo scored 950 on SAT
Al Gore scored 1355 on SAT
Derek Jeter got 1200 on SATs
John Kerry SAT score 1190
Stephen King scored in the 1300s SAT
Rush Limbaugh SAT score 1530
Peyton Manning SAT score 1030
Scott McNealy scored 1420 on SAT
George Parros scored 1250 on SAT
Alex Rodriguez SAT score 910
Will Smith rumored to have perfect SAT score
Howard Stern scored 870 on SAT
Amy Tan SAT score in the 1100s
Meredith Vieira scored in 1300s on SAT
James Woods scored 1579 on SAT
All-Star Chris Young SAT score 1300
Victoria Zdrok scored higher than 95% of college-bound American students on the verbal portion of SAT

Go here for a profile of 10 celebs and their SAT scores. Go here for a list that includes athletes.


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