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Published: Dec 16, 2015
Bees bang heads for pollen [WATCH!]
by Toshiba Reynolds

[VIDEO] Head banger Bees bang heads to release pollen.  The gnarly Amegilla cingulata, commonly known as the Australian blue-banded bee, can bang their heads. No not to Heavy Metal but to spread pollen, Researchers reveal.

Banging their heads at a speed of 350 times a second, the bees utilize this task to disperse pollen.
The head banging was recorded on video by researchers from the University of Adelaide in a joint project with RMIT, Harvard University and University of California, Davis.

The bee can be seen gripping the flower using its legs as it vibrates its thorax muscles, then lets the vibrations travel to its head.

Besides the benefit of discovering Aussie bees are huge Judas Priest fans, the findings could provide researchers with a broad understanding of how pollination happens and can aid in providing a better technique for crop pollination. "This new finding suggests that blue-banded bees could also be very efficient pollinators - needing fewer bees per hectare," University of Adelaide's Katja Hogendoorn said in the statement.

Rage on, little dudes. Rage on.

The research is soon to be published in the journal Arthropod-Plant Interactions.

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