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Published: Apr 4, 2016
National Poo Museum Opens; No, We're Not Shi**ing You
by Ann Warren

Holy sh*t! If you have an excitement for excrement, A British museum is offering several fine fecal exhibits for you to check out at the National Poo Museum.

Oh c'mon? Who doesn't love a good poo story? I know I have seen a few creative caca's that were museum worthy. But I digress.
The museum officially opened to the public Monday on the Isle of Wight. It is the brainchild of the Eccleston George artist collective. The exhibit uses animal and human droppings that were donated by members of the public plus the Isle of Wight Zoo and Dinosaur Isle Museum.

After being prepared in a specially-designed drying machine, the preserved poo offerings are displayed in illuminated resin spheres.

The exhibit plans to remain at the Isle of Wight museum through the end of the summer. After that? I dunno. A 'Turd Tour' perhaps? ;) Go here to see larger photos of the specimens.

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