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Published: Jul 29, 2014
Jonathan Lee Riches filed $25 million Johnny Manziel lawsuit

Jonathan Lee Riches filed $25 million Johnny Manziel lawsuit, Civil lawsuits cost the US economy over $200 billion per year! Being able to sue for damages is a fundamental part of our justice system.

A Celebrity seems to find themselves in court more frequently than most people.
Often times they are simply defending themselves against an individual just trying to exploit their wealth. Stalker and contract issues claim a fair number of the celebrity lawsuits.

Newly-drafted Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was being sued for sexual harassment in U.S. District Court for alleged activities involving his penis, Dr. Drew and a hot dog bun, his agent called the lawsuit "1000000% fake and/ or frivolous."

The $25 million federal complaint--filed by mail with the U.S. District Court in Tampa, Florida--is the handiwork of convicted felon Jonathan Lee Riches, 37, whose litigation history has become legendary. Read more about it here and see the document.

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