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Published: Jul 24, 2012
Marriage proposals gone wrong (VIDEO) Two marriage proposals rejected at NFL game
by staff

Marriage proposals gone wrong (VIDEO) Two marriage proposals rejected at NFL game. What could be worse than a marriage proposal during halftime of a sporting event between two teams with nothing on the line? Try two of them.

The first lady waited about 10 seconds with a puzzled look on her face before giving a less-than-thrilled lackluster nod of ok.

The second woman just covered her face with her t-shirt.

The camera would cut away before she gives any type of answer. Awkward? kinda.

I understand the reluctance: Would you want your marriage proposal intertwined with a 1 p.m. kickoff between Miami and Detroit, two teams eliminated from the playoffs?

While we dont have a video of these rejections we do have one from a basketball game below.

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